Sunday, December 8, 2013


We had the dads and kids camping group party last night.  
Here it is by the numbers:

Guests: 33
Adults: 15
Kids: 18
Fajita Family Packs: 9
Cookies: 24
Lemon Bars: 18
Brownies: 18
Boxes of Graham Crackers: 2
Bags of Marshmallows: 2
Hershey Bars: 15
Bottles of Wine: 3
Bottles of Vodka: 3
Bottles of Beer: God only knows
Cheap Straw Sombreros: 18
High temperature: 30

Left over this morning:

Massive amounts of fajita fixings
Eight sombreros
Three Hershey bars (the ones with the almonds)
One sleeve of graham crackers

That's it.


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