Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Cat

Driving out of my neighborhood Tuesday of last week, the girls and I were saddened to see a beautiful gray cat, dead by the side of the road.  That happens a lot out where we live -- it's dark, it's in the country, cars vs. small animals, there are coyotes . . .feel free to start humming Circle of Life at any point.  Anyway, being animal lovers, we commented on how sad it was that this kitty was dead and we said a little prayer, in kitty, for our dear, departed friend.  And then we went on our way.

Now, I'm embarrassed to even tell you how long it took me to get it, but by Wednesday at midday, someone had posted a large cardboard sign on that very corner that said, simply and elegantly, FREE CAT.

Wait for it.

For two days, I drove by that sign and wondered who was moving and giving their cat away.  I wondered why they didn't give an address or phone number for the FREE CAT.  Until it hit me.  I laughed until I cried.  Then, I called both of my parents, my husband, my best friend, and then ran down the street to tell the neighbors who laughed until they cried.  I felt so grateful, so honored to live in a neighborhood surrounded by such inspired, if sadistic, genius.  Until one of my neighbors said, "Hey, someone sent me this picture like five years ago."  Yup.  Dead cat with sign.  From the Internet.  I thought about that for about ten seconds and decided I didn't even care that it was stolen inspired, if sadistic, genius.

Now, don't get me wrong.  We have two dogs, two cats, and two of our former dogs still reside in their sterile boxes of final rest.  We love animals.  But when the Great Beggin' Strip in the Sky calls your number, it's time to go.  

Might as well get some joy out of it.

P.S. (One week later) We had a humongous, insane rainstorm here about two days ago.  And I mean five inches in one night kind of storm.  One like we haven't seen in Central Texas for a loooooong time.  So, of course, the kids first thought was "hey, what do you think happened to the cat?"  In a gullywasher like that, that cat should have floated all the way down to our house, turned right and ended up in my neighbor S's backyard.  

But as soon as I began my CSI detective work, the mystery was solved.  By my chihuahua.  Who found it.  On the road.  In a form not even remotely resembling catlike.  The circle of liiiiiife.

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  1. bull and bull. how did i miss this!?!?! from the same neighorhood with the best christmas decoration of all time (no-L), i would expect no less. it reminds me of the signs i wanted to put up in my 'old' {read: livestock-friendly} neighborhood...the first one says 'missing pig' and lists a phone number. the seond says 'for sale: fresh bacon' and lists the same phone number. :)