Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unintended Consequences and Quality Control

It's amazing how much your dishwasher says about the quality of the food you're eating.  If you're eating out all the time, your dishwasher contains only coffee cups and water glasses.  And wine glasses.  Not even water glasses if you're drinking soda or boxed drinks all the time.  And wine glasses.  If you're eating take out all the time, your dishwasher sports only cups and silverware.  Did I mention wine glasses?  If you are cooking every meal for a family of four, you're are doing dishes constantly.  I HAD NO IDEA.  One of the unintended consequences of this project is the beating the dishwasher is taking.  Which got me thinking:  how much styrofoam, plastic, foil, and paper are we wasting every time we "run by the Sonic real quick?"  (Ummmm.  Sonic).  So, as soon as I can get my Master-of-the-Blog-Universe friend over here for a tutorial, I'm going to get a counter for  each dishload.

As of today:  1

So, how's this all going to work?  How do we really KNOW you're not eating out?  I've decided to post under the QC tab exactly what we had for dinner the previous night.  If it turned out okay, and I didn't steal it from anyone, I'll post a recipe.  If I used someone else's recipe, I'll post the link.  If I'm putting the love out there, I might as well share it.

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