Monday, February 27, 2012

Battle Plan

Okay, so, I am going back to work this week.  Now, please don't mistake what I'm doing for real work.  All of my teacher friends are doing this day after day in the trenches, and I'm swooping in to help teach something I love with few strings attached.  I won't have to do the grading, make the copies, follow up each of the mini-lessons, etc.  God bless Jenn and Emily for all that they do.  And for letting me come.

That said, I am going to be working full-time days Tuesday through Friday this week, which will be the first real test of The Project.  I've had some busy days here and there, but nothing like this.  So, Saturday night, I started my battle plan.  I did a full week's meal plan (except for the large family dinner I have planned for Friday night.  Because I am insane).  I have made some notes about prep or entire meals that can be done in advance, and I am relying heavily on my gas grill and crock pot this week.

I made a list with all the necessary ingredients and shopped Monday.  The Month II banner is a picture of my menu plan and shopping list.  Yes, that does say cheap vodka with a star by it -- it's for my homemade cleaning spray, people.  Seriously?  Do I sound that unhinged?  Oh.  I guess you could drink it in case of dire need, but really, why not drink Tito's?  Anyway, I'm hoping that a little advance preparation will make things work.

I also know how handy that Sonic is, too.  The sign in front of our local Sonic now says, "WE HAVE SWEET POTATO TOTS."  Get behind me, Satan.

So, here's the plan:

Saturday:  Make salad dressing for the week ( I almost never buy dressing anymore.  It's super cheap to make and doesn't contain all the unpronounceables).

Sunday:  STYX concert!  What?  The 1980s show band with the hot blonde lead singer?  The one that sang Domo Arregato, Mr. Roboto (sp)?  Indeed.  I'm sure they haven't aged any either.

Monday:   Shop.  Yoga.  Tennis night.  Make quiches for Tuesday dinner.  Garlic chicken thighs in crock pot.  Rice.  Salad or broccoli.

Tuesday:  School.  Gym.  Appt.  Percussion concert.  Quiche.  Marinate skirt steak.

Wednesday:  School.  Math tutoring.  Skirt steak sandwiches on ciabatta roll, arugula salad (dressing from Saturday) on sandwiches.  Marinate pork tenderloin.

Thursday:  School.  Gym.  Blessedly nothing unless I'm wrong about the track meet being next week.  In which case, I will be on the floor in a fetal position.  Grilled pork tenderloin.  Mashed potatoes.  Broccoli if it lasts that long.

Friday: School.  Whatever I can pull out of my ass for my parents and my brother's family.

It all looks so easy on the screen.  Ha!

Pray for me.

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