Monday, February 6, 2012

Why internet privacy is overrated.

I was cookin' some chili.  (Apparently, I have to write in dialect when makin' chili).  "Ping" went the cell phone.  My dear, precious, and wonderful friend DAC had a question:

DAC:  "Are you there?"

Me:  "Si.  Que paso?"  (This is funny only because neither of us speaks much Spanish.  Despite that fabulous Spanish for Educators summer class we took.  We took the class -- the Spanish didn't take).

DAC: "Is S's fb pic the boy who lahvs her?"

This may not sound all that important, but S is not allowed to have a boyfriend.  No, I'm not mean, I'm a middle school teacher.  There is nothing good that can be accomplished by having a boyfriend in middle school.  It becomes a lot more about being able to talk about having a boyfriend to everyone else you know rather than actually having a relationship with someone.  To the extent that you can have a relationship with a 15-year-old-boy.  Who lives three towns over.

That said, this is a pretty cute boy.  This boy has been in love with S SINCE THE FOURTH GRADE.  And he respects our rules and calls me ma'am.  Every time.   And since adolescent-boyfriend-girlfriend-duration years are like dog and cat years put together, that's really sayin' something.  So, S got to invite this boy over for her Super Bowl/Birthday Party.  And apparently, during this party, S and "the boy who lahvs her" took a picture and put it on her Facebook page.

Which brings us to the very, very best part of the story.  Someone NOT AT MY HOUSE was checking out my kid on Facebook and within 30 seconds had texted me to make sure that she was not sneaking off with said boy for middle school romance things.  I don't even want to know what those are.

Stalking is cool.

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