Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bouncing on Jellyfish

My new best friend, Karl T., came today to fix the oven/stove.  As he worked, I blithely wandered about the house assuming that I was only a few short moments away from normality.  But then, my usual bubbly optimism (ha) took a hit.  Man down.  The stove needs a part that will take 10 days to come in. Are you kidding me?  I'M ON THE PROJECT!

Last week, the project did battle with full-time work.  This week, we'll have to turn lemons into lemonade, or leftovers into leftoverade.  We're going to party, pioneer style.  If you consider cooking on a gas grill and a bunch of small appliances pioneer style. 

The challenge:  to use as many small appliances as possible to cook at home meals.  No oven, no stove.  It'll be just like when we got married.  We had to move back to Austin for T's job and had no money to buy a house or rent an apartment because we'd lost our security deposit for breaking our lease as a result of our relocation.  So, we lived in an Airstream trailer on my aunt's property in Dripping Springs.  We had a toaster, a microwave, a grill, and an electric skillet.  I'd forgotten all about that.  

Piece of cake.

PS Bonus points if you got the movie reference in the title.


  1. dude - ouch. y'all are a full nemo extravaganza today!! i was trying to think if i had any small appliances that would be helpful to you that you don't already have, and i keep coming back to 'nope'. you can do this!! may the force be with you...

  2. You got it on the first try! Are you my conscience? Am I dead?

  3. He's looking for his son, Elmo.

  4. I remember things when I'm with you!!! I miss you, Marlin.