Friday, March 9, 2012

Griswold Family Vacation

So, apparently, 6:55 is not the same thing as 5:55.

Which is when our plane to Arizona left.  Without us.

And yes, we did have our elegantly packed snack bags.

Not so elegant was my hysterical weeping at the ticket counter.

We're booked on the next available flight out.

Which would be Sunday afternoon at 4.

And yes, we ate at home.  This project sucks.


  1. sad face. but on an optimistically sunny side note, this gives you just under 26 hours to plan another fabulous bagged meal and snacks. *heart!!*

  2. Sad face indeed! But we are making up for it by eating junk food and watching a Modern Family marathon. The girls slept until almost 11, and my sweet neighbor, who tried to Talladega Nights us to the airport, has planned a girls game night for us. Silver linings abound. Heart!!