Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love you. Now, get out.

No one believes me when I tell them that I am an introvert.  I am loud and love a good party, as long as I know and like everyone there, which means that I don't go to many parties.  I talk a lot if I feel comfortable.  I love cuss words.  None of these things, however, makes one an extrovert.

I am an introvert in the classic sense that I get my energy (or recharge my batteries) by being alone.  I can be at your party, or teach your class, or spend the weekend with you, but as a result, I will have to lie in a fetal position in my room for the rest of the week.  Alone.  I will not be able to answer the phone or go anywhere.  Or do anything.  For a while.

Which makes lengthy school holidays tricky.  And vacations.  Because as much as I love my family, and I do, passionately, I also don't really want to be around them for that long.  Four people sharing a hotel room and a car and a dining table for five days is rough.  And then, when the vacation is over, they come home with me.

Which makes tomorrow the best day ever.  The first day of school after a holiday.   Last kid gone by 8 am.  First kid not picked up until 5 pm.

Don't call me.


  1. From one undercover-introvert to another: AMEN!

  2. I was inspired by your birthday present post! I laughed so hard, I almost cried!